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About Us Thanmatra Life Innovations for a Safe & Healthy Living. About Us Thanmatra Life Innovations for a Safe & Healthy Living

We are a Molecular Bioscience Company that believes in promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle through innovative health care products. Our range of products is born out of keen observation of hygiene requirements in personal, domestic, and institutional spheres. 

We believe in providing hygiene solutions that are as simple and effective as they are safe and natural. Each one of our products is formulated with 100% natural molecules or internationally approved safe materials that fight disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
We believe in putting our insights and expertise into creating a range of products that improve the quality of personal care.

Why Thanmatra Life?


Our Signature

Keen scientific acumen, insightful research, and passion for innovation


Our Focus

Improving the quality of life through thoughtfully crafted products that enhance personal care, family hygiene, and cleanliness of food.


Our Strength

Unique, safe, and effective products, inspired by Nature and developed through conscientious research and technology


Our Endeavour

Putting our expertise into crafting products from natural and internationally approved safe formulations.

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