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Prevention is the most feasible method to ensure the health and safety of your loved ones. Protection against harmful germs and viruses are important as microorganisms evolve, and antibiotics become less effective. Introducing Thanmatra Life range of products, that gives complete and long-lasting protection to get you through the day. Our products significantly reduces the risk of infection and protects you from germs and viruses. Ts

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Customer Testimonials

Im a research fellow, since, the Covid pandemic, I thought of trying many sanitizing products and I have tested them on my own. I had applied Herba Nuriel after breakfast and I continued to do my laboratory experiments. Before lunch I tested the presence of contaminants. It is providing long lasting antimicrobial protection.

Parasmal Jain


Thanmatra Life products are super innovative, with multiple unique ingredients in them, they are a great addition for the new lifestyle that we have. I have been using the Kitchen Guard and Curcumin Wash at home and can guarantee they are extremely effective in removing germs and bacteria. Hope to see more such innovative products from Thanmatra Life.

Jayasree M S


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