How long does a normal hand sanitizer protect our hand?

What is Hand hygiene during corona time? Germs are everywhere! Maintaining a proper hand hygiene all the time and also especially in any outbreaks is very important. Now days, where ever we go whether a restaurant, shopping mall, or other public places the first things we can find is a hand sanitizer. We think that when we use our sanitizers our hands will be clean. But we don’t think for how long. 

How long is a sanitizer effective?

Everyone will be very surprised if we come to know the answer for this question. The hand sanitizers are effective only until we touch another surface or objects. It is true that hand sanitizers give 99.9% protection to the hand by killing the germs. But the moment we touch another surface, our hands are contaminated again.

Long lasting hand sanitizers

To overcome the challenges of conventional sanitizers and the requirement for its frequent usage of hand sanitizers, Thanmatra life has come up with a new innovative idea of long last hand sanitizer. Thanmatra life product Herba Nuriel can protect the hands for more than 8hrs with just one time application. So people who are going for work, can apply this before starting their work and then can work stress-free without even thinking of contamination. Herba Nuriel is an alcohol based sanitizer along with some bio-polmers. Once applied, the alcohol gets evaporated and the bio-polymers forms a thing coating on the hand which protects the hands for more than 8hrs. This sanitizer can be easily washed under normal water whenever required.

Be wise and protect your hands for long using Thanmatra Life Herba Nuriel.

What is Hand hygiene during corona time?


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