Thanmatra Life Kitche N Shine Organic Kitchen Cleanser-500ml



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  • 100% Organic Kitchen Cleansing Solution enriched with the power of natural active plant-based essential oils like Coconut and Rosemary which are known to have disinfecting properties and also help repel insects.
  • Truly green, non-toxic, safe alternative to harmful and synthetic products.
  • This high-power kitchen cleansing solution is natural, biodegradable, plant-based, and environment-friendly.
  • Refreshing Fragrance: Coconut and Rosemary works as a strong disinfectant in our product and also repels insects like fruit flies and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance.
  • This kitchen cleaning liquid spray removes grease, baked-on food, food marks, dirt, spills, and filth.
  • This kitchen surface cleaner is suitable on most common kitchen surfaces such as Countertops, Sinks, Stovetops, Cabinets, slabs, and Appliance Exteriors. It leaves your kitchen worktops surfaces glistening clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh.
  • Kitchen N Shine is made safe for your skin and free of toxic ingredients keeping your kids and pets safe. Free from parabens, sulfates, SLS, and chlorine

Coconut Glucoside

Citric Acid

Rosemary extract


  1. Spray or drop on kitchen/dining surfaces
  2. Clean with a soft scrub/cloth
  3. Wipe to dry with a clean cloth
  4. For hard and sticky surfaces wait for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing

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Kitchen Shine

Eliminate stains and odors from your kitchen without using harsh chemicals. Kitche n Shine is the 100% natural all-purpose kitchen cleaning solution you have been waiting for. Kitche n Shine keeps your kitchen bright and sparkling with ingredients so safe and mild; you don’t require gloves or masks when using it. The main ingredients are Coconut-glucoside, which is a mild surfactant, and Rosemary, known for anti-microbial and insect repellent properties. A shining clean environment with an effective insect repellent keeps your family healthy and hygiene.. Thanmatra Life Kitche N Shine is an ideal product that not only keeps your kitchen sparkling clean but also keeps insects at bay. This 100% Organic 100% Biodegradable kitchen cleaning solution is made of plant extracts and natural oils so that it is not toxic in nature. When used on kitchen tops, this product repels houseflies as well as fruit flies. Thanmatra Life Kitche N Shine can also be used effectively to clean your microwave, stove hobs, and your chimney. Made of organic ingredients, this kitchen disinfectant is child-friendly and totally safe to use.

This plant-based kitchen cleansing solution is the best alternative to conventional kitchen cleaners loaded with toxic, hazardous chemicals. The safe and sustainable choice for a more holistic way of life. Enriched with the time-tested, natural goodness of herbs and plants, Kitche N Shine 100% Organic Kitchen Cleaning Solution leaves your kitchen worktops and other surfaces sparkling clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh and keeps our planet a better place to live, free of chemicals.


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