Thanmatra Life LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant-100ml


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  • Single spray disinfects normal face maks/shields/cloth within minutes of contact. – The revolutionary LiquidM is an alcohol-based face mask/ shield sanitizer developed to protect your face masks/shields, keep them clean, fresh, and odor-free
  • Unique fabric binding formula keep away microbes and viruses for up to 8 hours
  • Convert any ordinary cloth or synthetic face mask into an anti-microbial cloth instantly
  • 100% breathable, non-irritant and safe to use
  • UN-Women and My Gov Award Winning formula for fabric disinfection
  • This product is highly recommended for health care professionals to sanitize their face masks/shields 
  • LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant has over 70% alcohol content which gives you instant germ protection to the face masks/shields
  • Skin-friendly & safe for kids – free of harsh chemicals 
  • Non-sticky formula with a mild fragrance

As we embark on a new lifestyle of health and hygiene, safety has gained prime importance for us and our ones, and we at Thanmatra Life are with you on this job. Face shields and hand sanitizers have become a part of our daily lives. The cleaning of face masks/shields and proper disposal of any face shield is really important as it can lead to many health issues. Safe and effective use of face shields is a key element in maintaining health & hygiene and LiquidM Fabric Disinfectant provides an innovative solution to their prolonged or repeated use.

LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant, a new revolution in face mask/shield sanitization, provides instant protection from disease-causing germs and microbes. Unique fabric binding formula keeps away microbes and viruses and offers protection against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. With single-use, LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant protects you & your family from a wide range of illness-causing germs anytime, anywhere. The solution instantaneously sterilizes the face mask/shield and makes it germ-free for a full working day. LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant can be easily sprayed to our cloth face mask for better protection. With LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant sanitizing spray, any ordinary face mask or cloth can be instantly disinfected and coated with anti-microbial protection for effective prolonged defense against disease-causing germs. Thanmatra-Life’s unique formulation won the Shri Shakti Challenge (UN Women – MyGov) for this powerful solution to the universal issue of making face masks/shields safe for prolonged or continued usage. 

 Live life without limitations by LiquidM Mask/Fabric Disinfectant. LiquidM Fabric Disinfectant is less toxic and can be safely used on your and your children’s face shields.  LiquidM leaves face shields fresh and moisturized without any residue, smell, or stickiness .This product  is made in India

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