Thanmatra Life Surface Hygiene Combo



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  • Complete Multi-Surface Multi-Purpose Broad Spectrum Protection
  • Ideal combo to address the hygiene problems of routine high traffic contact surfaces at Home, Office, Kitchen & Gadgets
  • Kitche N Shine is a 100% Organic Kitchen Cleansing solution enriched with Rosemary extract, Citrous and the power of natural active plant-based surfactants derived from Coconut.
  • Covclean is an alcohol – based surface disinfectant with WHO recommended composition for killing 99.9% of disease causing germs, viruses & fungus.
  • Electron is a 99% alcohol – based gadget disinfectant for eliminating germs & viruses on the surface of gadgets such as Laptop, Computer, Mobiles, Smart Watches, Tablets, etc.
  • The Pack Includes – 1*Covclean, 1*Electron, 1*Kitche N Shine

Thanmatra Life Covclean (Alcohol Based Surface Disinfectant Spray– 500ml)

  1. Spray from a distance of 15-20 cm to the intended surface
  2. Wait for 10-20 seconds.
  3. Wipe with a dry cloth

Thanmatra Life Electron (Gadget Cleaner & Disinfectant Spary– 100ml)

  1. Spray on the gadget surface and wait for 30 secs.
  2. Wipe using lint-free wipes or microfiber cloth and stay protected.
  3. Advised to do gadget disinfection once a day to follow a healthy lifestyle
  4. Caution: Do not clean the surface while in electric charging condition.

Thanmatra Life Kitche N Shine (100% Organic Kitchen Cleaner Spary – 500ml)

  1. Spray or drop on kitchen/dining surfaces
  2. Clean with a soft scrub/cloth
  3. Wipe to dry with a clean cloth
  4. For hard and sticky stains, wait for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing

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