Thanmatra Life Curcumin Wash Organic Veg & Fruit Wash-250ml



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  • India’s first turmeric-based vegetable and fruit wash.
  • Curcumin Wash (100% Organic Vegetable & Fruit Wash) is Infused with naturally derived active solubilized curcumin to help in disinfection of 99.99% germs including bacteria and fungi. 
  • 100% Organic and natural cleansing for your vegetables and fruits
  • It packs a 2-in-1 punch by both cleaning and disinfecting, killing 99.99% of germs & eliminating the need to use additional disinfectants and cleaners. 
  • This high-powered vegetable and fruit wash is perfect for keeping your produce fresh
  • Safe to clean and disinfect. Removes dirt, grime, pesticides
  • Contains no bleach, no alcohol, no artificial fragrance, no preservatives
  • Suitable to clean uncut, unpeeled fruits and vegetables including leafy vegetables. Use as instructed on the back of the pack
  • Keeps your fruits and vegetables looking fresh for longer
Solubilized Curcumin

Purified Water



Glucose based surfactant

  1. Pour 20ml Curcumin wash in 1L water
  2. Soak for 10minutes
  3. Rinse thoroughly with potable water
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Curcumin Wash

Fruits and vegetables are just as prone to contamination as harder surfaces. They come from a completely foreign environment and inevitably attract particles onto its surfaces that may be harmful. Make sure your food is safe with the Curcumin Wash 100% Organic Vegetable & Fruit Wash from Thanmatra Life. Turmeric has always been revered in India for its powerful and potent properties. Curcumin Wash utilizes the power of solubilized turmeric to provide a 100% safe and effective cleanser for fruits and vegetables. Thanmatra Life Curcumin Wash (100% Organic Vegetable & Fruit Wash) is infused with solubilized curcumin, which helps properly sanitize consumption. 


Curcumin Wash harnesses natural ingredients like coconut-glucoside, citric acid, and vinegar along with turmeric to help kill germs and get rid of dirt and pesticides from fruit and vegetable. It helps prevent ingestion of harmful germs present on fruits & vegetables. Formulated from naturally derived active ingredients, this unique fruit and vegetable cleaner wash away pesticides, dirt, and grime that may have settled on the surface. It contains no chlorine bleach and leaves no after-taste, so you can enjoy eating fruits and vegetables that are delicious and hygienically clean. 


Curcumin Wash liquid is a natural ingredient-based solution for washing fruits and vegetables, thus retaining its goodness. It removes bacteria, wax, and dirt without leaving an aftertaste, smell or residue. It removes fungus and germs keeping you and your family safe. Maintaining hygiene at all times has become more important than ever, and more and more people are looking for convenient methods to sanitize themselves and their environment. As hygienic practices become more frequent, the need for safer, naturally-derived yet powerful sanitizing products has also grown. 

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