How to Clean Face Mask? Every time a face mask is worn, there is a chance that it gets contaminated (ie. has bacteria. There are various types of masks such as cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 masks, etc. Each has its own way of cleaning or disposing and it is a must to do it in a proper way.

Washable Cloth Masks

Cloth masks are the ones that are most commonly used by the common public as it is easily available, less expensive, and can be easily washed at home. There are many studies which say how to clean a cloth mask at home.

As per the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC), a cloth mask can be washed using a detergent along with our normal clothes in a washing machine. They also mention that we can wash it using our hands with a small amount of detergent. After washing the mask it needs to be completely dried under the hot sun.

Cloth Mask

Mask Cleaning Kits/Solutions

Recently many companies have come with mask cleaning kits/solutions to clean the mask. These solutions are different from normal hand sanitizers. Most of these mask cleaning solutions are very common abroad. But in a country like India, these are something very new. How to Clean Face Mask

One of the examples of the mask cleaning solution that is commonly available here is a Thanmatra Life Liquid Mask. The solution instantaneously sterilizes the mask and keeps it germ-free for a full working day. So the cloth mask is clean the whole day. These kinds of liquid can be used to clean any type of cloth mask. How to Clean Face Mask

Surgical/ disposable masks cannot be washed and have to be discarded after one-time use. Many times, N95 masks are sterilized/cleaned using UV light. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has clearly mentioned that all of their FDA cleared N95 masks are single-use and should be discarded after that.

So it is really important to know the correct way to clean a mask and follow it properly. Otherwise, it not only leads to many health issues for the ones who wear it but also for others who come in contact with that person.

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