LIQUIDM – Powerful Sanitizer for your face masks a Thanmatra Life product which won the Shri shakti challenge organized by My Gov and UN WOMEN to defend this pandemic situation.

What is LIQUIDM or Mask sanitizing solution?

LIQUIDM is a liquid solution to kill and sanitize the deadly viruses and bacteria that accumulate in the mask when we use it . Through its fabric binding technology, this liquid creates a coating (antimicrobial barrier) in each strand of the mask we use. The microbes die as they touch this cover. This antimicrobial protection is available for over 6-8 hours. In short, using *LIQUIDM * can reduce the number of microorganisms in any masks (Cloth mask, N95, Surgical mask) by * 99 % * .The spread of disease can also be prevented.

Are chemicals used in LIQUIDM harmful to lungs?

No, chlorhexidine found in the mouthwash is a cationic Surfactant that gives +ve charges and 70% alcohol are the main ingredients in this. And the polymers found in gel and ointments that are applied in our eyes and nose are used as antimicrobial fabric binding. As soon as it is sprayed, the alcohol will evaporate and the polymer coating is formed.

Isn’t it enough to use sanitizer instead of LIQUIDM?

With regular sanitizers, antibacterial protection does not last long because this special type of polymer composition is not available in it. Also the glycerine that is used in sanitizers to prevent dry skin can cause moisture in the mask. This may lead to the growth of certain microbes.


Why LIQUIDM, can’t we use N95 masks instead?

  • With the use of Liquid-M, the effectiveness of any mask will increase. Antibacterial protective layer protects the mask from microorganisms for more than 6-8 hours.
  • The microorganisms in the mask die within minutes, even if you unknowingly touch your mask and this prevents contamination.

Who benefits from LIQUIDM the most?

This product can provide extra protection to any person who uses a mask. It is more beneficial for those who are working in public places and also in the health sector.

Those using public transportation and engaging in public activities can protect yourself and others from the spread of the disease.

LIQUIDM – Powerful Sanitizer for your face masks

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