Thanmatra Life wins the KERALA STARTUP MISSION(KSUM) Innovation Grant

Govt. of Kerala has introduced the Innovation Grant scheme to provide financial assistance to startups, entrepreneurs, and startups to help them convert their innovative ideas into full-fledged ventures. This scheme is implemented through Kerala Startup Mission, which is the nodal agency of Govt. of Kerala for startup-related activities and schemes. 

An innovation grant is no prize money for having an idea. The purpose of the grant is to help innovators develop the prototype or product and setting up startups. Thanmatra Innovations applied for their Productization Grant, the aim of which is to launch their products and is limited to a maximum of Rs. 7 lakhs/idea. 

The idea proposed was “Herba Nuriel Smart Sanitizer- An INVISIBLE LIQUID GLOVE” giving long-lasting protection for hands from Infectious agents”. Herbal Nuriel formulation, will protect hands from germs up to 08-12hrs by forming an invisibly thin layer on hands with natural, safe, and approved anti-microbial agents. Currently available hand-disinfection products such as sanitizers and hand rubs provide instant sterilization for 2-5 min but do not provide long-term protection. Also, continuous use of hand sanitizers has led to inconvenience and skin problems. Our alcohol-based sanitizing formulation instantly evaporates and forms a thin protective film on hands that will not be felt by the person. Also, it gives a good moisturizing effect with no feel of the film. This can be easily removed by washing with water. Safe & biocompatible product with no skin irritation.

On behalf of Thanmatra Innovation, we thank Kerala Startup Mission for appreciating our concept and selecting our product, and providing us with a cash award of Rs 7Lakhs.

Thanmatra Life wins the KSUM Innovation Grant

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